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BSGM Essential Safety Measures provides a range of specialist and professional services to Australia’s building owners and property management industry. BSGM Essential Safety Measures can be an integral part of your buildings facilities management team. We provide services for a wide range of buildings, from single retail shops to large shopping centres, factories, warehouses, residential apartment complexes and Government buildings. Our services are founded on experience and an extensive knowledge of Australian Standards and building codes.

Our philosophy

BSGM’s approach is to tailor its services to meet the requirements of individual clients and site-specific building needs.

Our Services

Annual Compliance Audits & Reports

  • Issue the Annual Essential Safety Measures Report (AESMR) In Victoria
  • Submit the Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) to council and NSW Fire Brigade in New South Wales
  • Submit Occupier's Statement relating to Fire Safety Installations to the Fire Services Commissioner in Queensland
  • Form 3 to be submitted annually to the local building authority as proof the Essential Safety Provisions have been maintained in South Australia
  • Issue a Yearly Condition Report for the owner in accordance with AS 1851 in the Northern Territory
  • Provide a Safety Measures Report to clients in Western Australia, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory

Auditing Maintenance Records

  • Conduct an extensive audit of the buildings ESM maintenance records
  • Provide a comprehensive report to the building owner/management confirming compliance or identifying any shortfalls in documentation
  • Assist building owners/management to obtain any outstanding documents to achieve compliance

Maintenance Schedules

  • Undertake a detailed inspection of a building to identify the ESM elements contained within
  • Review existing occupancy permits, maintenance determinations or existing maintenance schedules
  • Consolidate existing site documentation into one maintenance schedule.
  • Prepare an ESM maintenance manual including calendar diary for contractor inspection record entry.

Undertake Passive & Egress Inspections

  • Attend sites on a monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually, depending on site risk profile to under take a maintenance inspection of the passive fire safety systems such as fire doors, penetrations, exits, paths of travel etc
  • Complete any onsite maintenance register and provide a detailed report of the results

Asset Registration

  • Undertake detailed inspections of buildings to record all the ESM assets within the building
  • Provide a suitable record of the plant and equipment assets, including make and model numbers and year of installation in order to enable the owner/management to obtain competitive prices for the maintenance of these items and lifecycle of plant and equipment
  • Update the asset register should plant and equipment change or if additional ESM have been installed within the building

Evacuation Plans & Emergency Response Procedures

  • Prepare evacuation diagrams
  • Emergency response procedures
  • Staff training and awareness
  • Fire drills
  • Tactile fire plans

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